Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Outreach Update

We could definitely saw God move in a powerful way in response to your prayers! At 3:30, about a half an hour before the outreach, it started raining. The sky cleared up and we had perfect weather when it was time to start. Some kids from Ceci's Bible club sang and then the choir from her church. Then it was time to present the dramas. I know the kids were a bit nervous since they were performing for the first time, but they did an amazing job. One of the boys told me afterwards that he was shaking badly when he walked out to the grassy patch in Ceci's courtyard which was our stage, but as soon as the music started, he felt total peace. Praise God for His faithfulness to meet us in our need!
After the dramas, the choir sang another song which perfectly matched the gospel message portrayed in our dramas, and then Pastor Gado preached a message. I'm not even sure how many people gave their hearts to Christ for the first time, but it was probably between 10-20. We joined our Cameroonian brothers and sisters who were helping host the event for counseling and prayer of those who had prayed to receive Christ. Ceci has already started visiting people and hopefully many of them will joing the Wednesday night prayer group that meets at her house. Two different Christians approached me and said that they were moved to tears and encouraged in their faith by this portrayal of Christ's sacrifice.
Praise God for moving the hearts of His own children and drawing more people into a relationship with Him!
Please pray
for God to water the seeds that have been planted so they can grow and these new brothers and sisters can be rooted and established in His love for strength and wisdom for Ceci and others who will be following up that the cast will grow in their own love for and knowledge of Christ through the privilege of serving Him in this way

Attached you'll find pictures of:
the entire drama team 2 cast (a picture of team 1 is coming with the next
man finds himself separated from God by sin in Redeemer the girl is trapped by sin the Scripture reading with a view of part of the audience

We're supposed to have an outreach Oct. 31 with team 1, but we've run into a little glitch. Please pray that it will get sorted out.

You are a part of this harvest through your prayers so join with us in rejoicing at what God has done!
All for His glory,
Liz for the team

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