Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Drama Evangelism Update

I know that I have slacked off a bit on communication this second semeseter, but I thought I would write you one last email to let you know that our drama evangelism season is over until next school year. Our last performance was yesterday. It was not an outreach, but a chance for many of the village team parents to see their kids perform for the first time.
The March for Jesus went spectacularly well and concluded by all of us being mobbed by enthusiastic brothers and sisters who want us to come teach the dramas to youth at their church, or come do an outreach in collaboration with them. We took some contact info and will have to wait until next year to follow through on any of that.
Thank you so much for your partnership with us in taking the gospel of Christ around Yaounde and the various other places we traveled this year.
We know that your prayers were a vital part in the fruit God bore through this ministry! Please offer up one last prayer for God to water all those seeds He planted and bring good discipleship to those who committed themselves to Christ.
If the student you were praying for is leaving, but you would still like to receive updates about this ministry when it starts up next school year, please reply to this message and let me know.
Also, you can pray for Kevin Chilton who will be starting up next year without me as I will be on furlough until January. Please ask God to bring helpers alongside him, especially a French speaker who can liase with churches as that has been my job.
May the God of all peace fill you with joy and hope in the Holy Spirit and use you right where you are at to reach others for Christ!
In Him,
Liz for the team

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